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The Television Zoom!! 2010.09.10 - NINO x JUN

Yes hello!!! ^.^

I translated the Nino x Jun interview this time since it was requested in the comments! ^.^ The next one will be Sho x Ohno! XP That's my personal wish because Sho is my ichiban and Sho and Ohno together makes me blush to infinity and beyond! Kyaaa~!!!!

Credits (and a huge thank you): sinomerz @ arashi_no_jidai

Nino: It's awesome being able to express yourself like that.

Jun: I wonder if our mutual love for gaming is what we have in common. 

Nino: You're right. Me and you spend the most time playing games, right? 

Jun: I'm not as good as you though. 

Nino: Jun-kun's way of thinking has become very impressive. At the concert meetings, you're always the one to take the lead and suggest different ideas. Because you contribute to all elements of production. It's great to be able to say your opinion like that with adults. 

Jun: Because you can say whatever you want, right? (laugh) 

Nino: I just sat there blankly... so to speak. Last time I almost fell asleep. Well, it's one thing to have the freedom of saying whatever you want, but I can't come up with ideas one after the other like that. 

Jun: I just say them. Whether or not the ideas actually come true is up to the staff. Anyway I'll say what I have to say, and then if they think it's interesting and worth producing, It's kinda my success. 

Nino: Indeed... 

Jun: If I was to think of something that Nino absolutely excels at, it would have to be the heart-breaking ballads.  * cute Emo Nino ^.^ *

Nino: Thank you! 

Jun: That really impressed me. Usually the types of music we listen to are very different but for some reason I think "This is nice" about the song(s) Nino makes. * stoic Emo Jun ^.^ * It's wonderful. And musical instruments too. The guitar, base, piano... he can play any of them and make it awesome! Ones like the violin, right? 

Nino: Still, I can't play the violin! (laugh) But because I bought a digital drum set, home recordings are easier to do than before. 

Jun: That's impressive! 

Nino: By the way, umm, when having a formal conversation like this, there [usually] are predetermined questions, such as, "What has changed between you two since you debuted?" But, don't you think that questions like that are difficult [to answer]? 

Jun: Well, I don't think that we're changing any more. It's really hard to think of an answer for questions like that. 

Nino: I can't even think of how I would answer that question. It seems that I can't disagree about us not changing any more though. 

Jun: I think that, even when we turn 30, we probably won't be any different [than we are now]. From the point when you were a teenager and so many things were unknown to you, to the point now when we are closing in on being 30, everything changes suddenly, yet so normally, don't you think?

Nino: Yeah. If something as big as marriage doesn't change the other person it won't change me either... I mean, regardless of how much your imagination increases, whatever you actually say is the truth. (laugh)

Comments are always appreciated!!! XD

I would also like to send out big kisses to the a_ra_shi community for always letting me post my translations in their community! <333333 * hugs the moderators *

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