Men's Non-No 2010 Sho Sakurai - Final!

I finally finished it! XD Yatta!

I gotta say that this has been one inspirational interview! Atta boy Sho!

16. So far, is there anything that someone has said to you that made you happy?

"You really love me, huh?" (laugh)

17. Is there someone that makes you think "I Can't lose to this person!"?

At times when I lose my inspiration. It could be at times like that when I feel cornered but...

18. If you weren't an entertainer now, what job do you think you would like to try?

In my younger days I always imagined something related to music, or being a foreign correspondent, but after doing Arashi for 11 years now I can't think of anything else. (laugh)

19. What would you like to do in the next 20 years?

It's a little vague, but even from the point where I am 30-years-old I would like to always have awareness, and from then on turn towards studying various other things as well.

20. According to Sakurai-san, an 'ideal man' is?

Someone who isn't captured by small things, but instead allows everything to be viewed with an open mind.

21. Please tell us your favourite motto.

Rather than a favorite motto, I love wholehearted expressions that absorb you completely.

22. Something you want to do with great care in your life?

I'd like to feel like I am enjoying myself at all times, because I always thought that the hard and painful moments in life are something that I cannot control.

23. As far as Arashi is concerned, what does its existence mean for Sakurai-san? Express it in one word. * Here we go again ... *

"A dream assembly". We are just five people, but Arashi's pride and self-conciousness that has been seen by various people has created our appearance of being a great project. So, both of these things at the same time.

* What would happen if they ask him to express himself in one sentence? O.O Would there be an entire series of dictionaries coming out??? O.O *

24. Lastly, as a member of arashi, something you want to say to the men of your generation?

If it's true that Arashi has appeal... To be unsteady with yourself, or how should I put it... I think that finding things to be foolish is contraru to being honest. Thence, to get someone to feel that "enjoying everything and foolish honesty are opposite things but neither one a good one" is a good thing I guess.

T/N: Concerning the final question (24) for the life of me I cannot figure out exactly what he wanted to say! And there is also one kanji that I canot read because the magazine scan isn't good quality. T.T The unknown kanji looks to me like the kanji for 'bread' but, since this is a Sho interview and not an Ohno interview, I didn't know how to make 'bread' work! XD

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Men's Non-No 2010 Sho Sakurai - Part 3

Yey! I'm doing this a lot faster than I expected! Maybe I'm just becoming smarter by the second!!! XD Well, when you read Sho's interviews non-stop it starts to rub off on you!

11. What were your favorite hours spent recently?

I found a really good coffee shop in my neighborhood! Before work, I go there and order a coffee and a toast sandwich. The short time that I spend there is full of happy feelings. (laugh) * I can totally imagine him munching on a sandwich with a stupid grin XD *

12. A time when you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment?

The time when I finish a big job through various processes.

13. Something that puts you off the most right now?

Lateness. It's not something you'd want to happen more than twice.

14. A role that you would like to perform in the future?

Like Kisarazu Cat's Eye's Bambi, a character whose name would be called out even after work ends. * I'm not really sure what he meant here. Maybe a character that will be remembered? *

15. If you were to express your character in one word?

Something between calm and enthusiastic I guess. (laugh) * How is that ONE word Sho? : 3 *

9 more to go!!! XD

Men's Non-No 2010 Sho Sakurai - Part 2

6. A country that you would most like to go and see right now?

I like Asia's characteristic chaotic atmosphere so I would certainly love to go to Vietnam.

7. A celebrity you respect?

Shirasu Jirou. *the guy is some kind of politician but I don't know much about him* I admire everything about him including his life style.

8. Right now, someone who you think is very cool?

I can't say 'It's this person' exactly, but even as the years pile up, someone from a younger generation who can talk about various things is pretty cool I think.

9. At times when you are feeling down and when things aren't clear, what do you do to change your mood?

Ever since my student days I'd always have a friend to fool around with.

10. In what kind of environment do you write your rap lyrics in?

If there are times when you can write while holding your head in front of your personal computer, you can also write while gazing at the scenery and moving from place to place.

I hope you liked this one too! XD More will be coming...

Men's Non-No 2010 Sho Sakurai - Part 1

I'm posting the Intro + the first 5 answers of this interview! ^.^ There are 24 in total I think. It might not look like a lot of text right now, but have in mind that I only know about 200 kanji so far and it takes a while to find the ones that Keio-boy uses BELIEVE ME! XD


Sakurai Sho

Member of the idol group Arashi, actor, news caster, and while wearing all these different faces, a Sakurai Sho that sprints right through all these periods. On TV he always leave an impression of having an inspiring clean intellect, but his every day face is even more manly, hot, yet simple. This is the real portrait of such a pure Sakurai Sho. A 28-year-old life-sized charm magnet. 24 questions to understand Sakurai Sho's 'present'.

1. Let's start with your current state. In your every day life, is there anything that you are into lately?

I have English lessons twice a week. And then I have piano lessons once a week. Right now, for my 'time of absorption', I think it is while I'm studying various things.

2. Please tell us some news that have been on your mind lately.

For one thing, the news which concerns the problems of instructing children on issues like child abuse. Another one is of course the political state of affairs.

3. What has fired you up lately?

Japan's national football team in the World Cup! Because all my attention was fixed on it throughout!

4. Is being a news caster the reason why studying is so important to you?

Isn't it because of wanting to be aware of things as a member of society?

5. Out of all the countries you've been to up until now, which one has left a remaining impression on you?

I went to Rome for work. The Colosseum litten up at night is something that I cannot forget!

Someone make this man the ruler of Japan already!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed it! ^.^ More will be coming up as I translate the other questions.

The Television Zoom!! 2010.09.10 - NINO x JUN

Yes hello!!! ^.^

I translated the Nino x Jun interview this time since it was requested in the comments! ^.^ The next one will be Sho x Ohno! XP That's my personal wish because Sho is my ichiban and Sho and Ohno together makes me blush to infinity and beyond! Kyaaa~!!!!

Credits (and a huge thank you): sinomerz @ arashi_no_jidai

Nino: It's awesome being able to express yourself like that.

Jun: I wonder if our mutual love for gaming is what we have in common. 

Nino: You're right. Me and you spend the most time playing games, right? 

Jun: I'm not as good as you though. 

Nino: Jun-kun's way of thinking has become very impressive. At the concert meetings, you're always the one to take the lead and suggest different ideas. Because you contribute to all elements of production. It's great to be able to say your opinion like that with adults. 

Jun: Because you can say whatever you want, right? (laugh) 

Nino: I just sat there blankly... so to speak. Last time I almost fell asleep. Well, it's one thing to have the freedom of saying whatever you want, but I can't come up with ideas one after the other like that. 

Jun: I just say them. Whether or not the ideas actually come true is up to the staff. Anyway I'll say what I have to say, and then if they think it's interesting and worth producing, It's kinda my success. 

Nino: Indeed... 

Jun: If I was to think of something that Nino absolutely excels at, it would have to be the heart-breaking ballads.  * cute Emo Nino ^.^ *

Nino: Thank you! 

Jun: That really impressed me. Usually the types of music we listen to are very different but for some reason I think "This is nice" about the song(s) Nino makes. * stoic Emo Jun ^.^ * It's wonderful. And musical instruments too. The guitar, base, piano... he can play any of them and make it awesome! Ones like the violin, right? 

Nino: Still, I can't play the violin! (laugh) But because I bought a digital drum set, home recordings are easier to do than before. 

Jun: That's impressive! 

Nino: By the way, umm, when having a formal conversation like this, there [usually] are predetermined questions, such as, "What has changed between you two since you debuted?" But, don't you think that questions like that are difficult [to answer]? 

Jun: Well, I don't think that we're changing any more. It's really hard to think of an answer for questions like that. 

Nino: I can't even think of how I would answer that question. It seems that I can't disagree about us not changing any more though. 

Jun: I think that, even when we turn 30, we probably won't be any different [than we are now]. From the point when you were a teenager and so many things were unknown to you, to the point now when we are closing in on being 30, everything changes suddenly, yet so normally, don't you think?

Nino: Yeah. If something as big as marriage doesn't change the other person it won't change me either... I mean, regardless of how much your imagination increases, whatever you actually say is the truth. (laugh)

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The Television Zoom!! 2010.09.10 - AIBA x JUN


I'm SOOOO happy about this!!! *dances* I will start translating Arashi-related magazines from now on! XD

Before I continue, I would like to let you know that my translations will NOT be perfect, I assure you... I'm not a native Japanese speaker, I am learning it as a second language. Because of this, (although I can accept constructive criticism) I won't appreciate people being rude and disrespectful! Translating is a very good way to practice any language, and since I do it in my free time anyway, I figured that it would be nice to share it with others. Of course, when/if a professional translator does their version of this I would also very much like to read it to see where I went wrong.

My translator's comments will be in this color (of green) and between two cute stars (* *). So let's go!

Oh one more thing: The pairings are Aiba X Jun, Aiba X Nino, Sho X Ohno, Nino X Jun, Aiba X Ohno, Ohno X Jun . . . I just realized that it would have been much easier to say that each member has been paired with each member for a short interview . . . >.> *fool*

Here's the Aiba X Jun one! Others will be translated in time but you can make requests as to which pairs you want to read about first! XD

Credits (and a huge thank you):
sinomerz @ arashi_no_jidai


Special edition with Arashi members!

The complete 10 pattern talk special!

Each Arashi member will have a one-on-one talk with another Arashi member!

During their 11-year period of friendship, how do they think and feel when they come face to face with each other in a serious (!?) talk!


AIBA: I can totally see that this is going to be hopeless!

           What do you think we have in common?

Jun: What we have in common? It's kinda hard to say in the this point in time, ne? * I didn't really get what he meant. Maybe because they've known each other for so long he finds it hard to point out certain things?*

Aiba: It's not hard! (laugh) Well, from what I can see, the best impression of MatsuJun is of course that of him being so stoic, right? His body is also very well trained. * drool * That is an asset that I don't have. He is also very motivated about taking care of himself and his body. For example, he knows a lot about traditional Chinese medicine, which is awesome! I'm a little jealous of him for that.

Jun: But I also think that Aiba-san is quite stoic as well. When you get into something you're super enthusiastic about it!

Aiba: But, that's because my targets are small.

Jun: Like golfing, saxophone... * Aiba plays the Sax???  Someone fill me in on this!*

Aiba: It was because I'm super enthusiastic that a kept running out of breath when playing the Saxophone. (laugh)

Jun: (laugh)

Aiba: But, VS Arashi is where you'd think “This is where Arashi needs to be a team” and properly do you your best, right? But, when it comes to Arashi ni Shiyagare our flow can sometimes be interrupted. (laugh)

Jun: Sometimes things go really bad and you can't understand why. For example, why animals don't like me. *poor Jun-sama! T.T*

Aiba: If you keep thinking that it will be even worse!

Jun: No, it's different. I understand it.

Aiba: You say you understand... (laugh) With things like this the image that people have of MatsuJun is unexpected. (laugh) You talk to yourself a lot. When you're home alone you say things like “Good night” to yourself, don't you?

Jun: You're the complete opposite, aren't you? (laugh) You feel guilty because animals love you and hate me.

Aiba: You think that, because you're S, it also gets transmitted on the animals? It's not like that.

Jun: I like animals, and I don't think that they're scary but, they can't be tamed anyway right?

Aiba: I always introduce the animals on the show.

Jun: Aiba-san is very chivalrous, aren't you? Even when you catch a cold you won't complain about it. You'd get tired occasionally though, right?

Aiba: Isn't it a bad habbit to always complain about catching a cold? I think it's like admitting defeat.

Jun: I'm the opposite, I'll say anything.

Aiba: You get angry quickly don't you? (laugh)


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Sho's RAP COMPILATION 2 !!! XP Yatta!

A few days ago I made a compilation of Sho's RAP and because so many people replied to it and encouraged me I decided to make another one ASAP!!! XD

I'd like to just point out that this one is MUCH better than the previous one since I got my hands on Sony's ACID software! *grin* I tried my best to be creative! I've also decided that this shall be my new calling in life and my New Year's resolution: REMIX ARASHI!!! ^.^

You can download it HERE!!!

You will need a password this time: iheartsho




Ok, first of all let me just spazz a little about this being my first Journal entry EVER!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAA~!

Ok, good, lets move on:

I made a little compilation of Sho's RAP parts in various songs. I didn't include ALL Arashi songs but I will add more and more things to it as time goes by and more releases come out! ^.^ The songs used are:

~ Kitto Daijoubu
~ 5 x 10 (hidden track)
~ Cry for You
~ Right Back to You
~ Step and Go

You can download it HERE ^.^

By they way, I forgot to add his rap from Believe even though it's my favorite one!!! *kicks herself* Will add it in the next one . . .

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